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Слово Дня - stratagem - хитрость, уловка, военная хитрость


A plan or scheme, especially one used to outwit an opponent or achieve an end.; Skill in devising plans or schemes; cunning.


‘a series of devious stratagems’
‘By current standards, Eve is old-fashioned, her wiles and stratagems strictly based on aligning herself with men for their power rather than tapping into her own.’
‘Then, Humphreys summarized the various stratagems with which Shajara and Fakhr al-Din hid Aiyub’s death from outsiders.’
‘Fighting experience taught Soviet commanders a lot: they learned how to use stratagems and achieve surprise.’
‘But they should be asking government to introduce new stratagems to cope with the inevitable ‘peaking out ‘of new housing output.’’
‘There are conventions and stratagems for achieving the effect, and these are used as necessary.’


хитрость, уловка, военная хитрость

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