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Слово Дня - minuscule - минускул, очень маленький, минускульный


Extremely small; tiny.; So small as to be negligible or insufficient.; Of or in lowercase letters, as distinct from capitals or uncials.; Of or in a small cursive script of the Roman alphabet, with ascenders and descenders, developed in the 7th century AD.; Minuscule script.; A small or lowercase letter.


‘a minuscule fragment of DNA’
‘Some snakes, such as pythons, retain tiny leg bones, which may be visible as minuscule claws at the base of the tail.’
‘We see the same hypocrisy when the U.S. military, after dislocating millions of people from their means of sustenance by threatening war, drops a minuscule amount of food packets onto ground riddled with landmines.’
‘The minuscule creatures toil endlessly completely unaware that they are being watched and that, with a simple tap on the glass by the giant undetected observer, what would amount to half a life time’s work for an ant could be destroyed.’
‘Mike Griffin, owner of Honey Martin’s on Sherbrooke W., went through a five-year battle to keep music alive at his minuscule bar (which is large enough for a musician or two).’
‘But he acknowledged global deaths from climate change were minuscule compared with the total number of deaths a year, which the WHO puts at 56 million.’
‘From the late 8th century onwards a new script, Caroline minuscule, swept throughout Europe along with the Carolingian Empire.’
‘The Caroline minuscule, however, had a relatively weak impact on the writing habits of Italian notaries, who remained faithful to the cursive style.’
‘Not one of them is written in the type of small, utilitarian script, called current minuscule, which was the common form of handwriting used in liturgical handbooks and schoolbooks in the seventh and eighth centuries.’
‘As in Rome, this development ended with graffiti that used script in an unstructured and disorganized way, in which ‘aristocratic’ scripts stood side by side with uncials or minuscules of various derivations.’
‘A process of turning the old unspaced capital scripts into minuscule began and much of the mathematical writing which have survived have done so because they were copied into this new format.’
‘The written and printed form of English has two interlocking systems of letters: large letters, known variously as capitals, upper-case letters, majuscules, and small letters, or lower-case letters, minuscules.’
‘Working on maps and charts provided testing requirements, both for large and decorative majuscules in the titles, and for tiny minuscules for the names of towns, of which there could be as many as 500 in one county.’


минускул, очень маленький, минускульный

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