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Слово Дня - capricious - капризный, своенравный, прихотливый, непостоянный


Given to sudden and unaccountable changes of mood or behavior.


‘a capricious and often brutal administration’
‘a capricious climate’
‘Nature is regarded as the provider of bounty, but also as wild, awesome and capricious, with unpredictable catastrophes, like floods and storms at sea.’
‘Even those who have climbed in the Alps or the lower Himalayas, find it hard to understand the appeal of such a brutal and capricious mountain.’
‘He can be so sweet sometimes, he’s just very capricious and whimsical.’
‘I miss her because she was capricious and unreliable, and because minis are the kind of car that make people smile.’


капризный, своенравный, прихотливый, непостоянный

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